Schedule Infographics

During the 2020-21 year, learning began remotely and appeared to remain that way for the foreseeable future. In late winter, the decision was made to try a hybrid model: all learners had the option either to remain at home and attend classes, or come to campus two days a week for instructor-led learning.

The new schedules were sent out as just regular text, and personally, I had a hard time reading and keeping the schedules apart. I decided to make my own schedules, beginning with schedule blocks featuring different fonts and colors. I wasn’t satisfied, so I turned to and created the infographics above. I planned to use the schedules online within the LMS, copied for each course shell on the homepage. I also decided to print out small poster versions and laminate them to hang up on dry erase board.

I shared my work with my departmental colleagues, one of whom printed large posters and attached them to her wall. Other coworkers saw the schedules and wanted to know where they came from; soon I had around 20 people emailing me for the .png and .jpg files. I even helped some coworkers utilize our poster printer and learn about locking aspect ratios.

That same day my administrator stopped by and asked me about offering the images to the entire campus and for permission to use the images at the front desk. I received a stipend for my work, which was a great bonus.

Because of this work, I was given several side projects as ordered by the front desk and administration.

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